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Ascot Escorts
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Ascot is a small but charming town in Berkshire, it is mostly known for being the site of the Ascot Racecourse, where the prestigious Royal Ascot Meeting takes place. The Blonde London Escort Girltown is split into three parts, Ascot, Northern Ascot and Southern Ascot. It is governed by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

The most significant points of interest in Ascot are centered around the Ascot Racecourse, you can find supermarkets and café’s on High Street as well a petrol station. Most residential buildings were built during the post war period, flats mostly, and they all look alike, characterized by a similar architecture. There is also the Heatherwood Hospital, they filmed some kind of a sitcom there. Ascot is a commuter town, connected with London and neighboring cities by railway.

The most important part of Ascot is naturally, the racecourse, it has been hosting the race events since 1711 is a major event on british social calendar, it obviously had a profound effect on the towns economy, imagine all the consumers during an event like that, or the impossible traffic.

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