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Langley, previously known as Langley Marish is a village governed by Slough in Berkshire, in south east England. It is situated only 3 miles away from Slough. The most Escort Girls From Londonimportant building in Langley is St Mary’s the Virgin’s Church of England, under the diocese of Oxford, it also houses an impressive Kedermister Library.

There are also several almhouses from the 1600s still standing. The Langley Airport standing just outside of town was of historical and strategical importance during the second world war, it was actually a yard that produced a few of the most deadly aircraft models in the world, it closed in 1958 but it remains in the hearts of all Top Gun fanboys.

From the fun stuff, an annual Langley Festival is held in Langley Memorial Recreational Park, families from all over the region gather for festivities, food, beer and general entertainment. Most likely the only thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about Langley is the Langley in the united states, with the FBI headquarters, but nope, this is just a village in England.

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