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Maidenhead Escorts
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Maidenhead is quite a big town, situated along the southern bank of river Thames in Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. The area where the city stands to this day Beautiful Escort Girlwas mentioned in Domesday book as South Ellington, and was tightly connected with the riverside during Saxon times.

Until year 1280 the only way to cross the river to town was by ferry which took an outrageous fee from travelers, until a bridge was built that connected the two banks, Maidenhead grew around that bridge. The bridge changed over the years and its current form is a landmark dating back to year 1777. Maidenhead, like every other town on earth started to expand when the railway reached it. In 1894 Maidenhead finally, became a town on its own, brick architecture and roads began replacing muddy tracks and wooden housing.

Modern Maidenhead is an impressive town that remains very charming and welcoming to possible visitors, with its numerous bars and restaurants alongside landmarks like the clocktower or before mentioned bridge. The town also has an impressive library, several churches, and a huge shopping mall with a multiplex cinema, a pool and a leisure area.

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